Prof. Michal Yerushalmy

Michal Yerushalmy heads the ISF funded research project on the Digital Interactive Assessment. Yerushalmy is a Vice President and Dean of Research, a professor of Mathematics Education and the head of the Research Institute of Alternatives in Education at the University of Haifa. She is a pioneer developer of innovative software, developer of an interactive textbook and of the "Visual Math" secondary school mathematics curriculum. Her most recent development project is Math4Mobile where she offers ways to make technology available for everyone everywhere. Yerushalmy study conceptualization processes that occur while learning with computerized environments. Her focus is on the study of multiple external representations, bodily interactions, modeling and teachers' learning of reformed curricula.

   Dr. Beba Shternberg

   Galit Nagari Haddif

Galit Nagari Haddif a Phd. Student under the supervision of Michal Yerushalmy in Mathematics Education department at university of Haifa. Her study is supported by the ISF and is about digital interactive assessment in calculus for high school students

   Yael Luz

Yael Luz is a Math teacher in Haifa open middle school. Yael holds a BSc degree (Hebrew university) in Mathematics and Computer Science. After 20 years in the high tech industry Yael changed her career to education and now incorporates her two passions – Mathematics and Technology – in the digital interactive assessment project.